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RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT : The Green Footprint
Gem'innov is a company that is always looking to improve. That is why we are currently in the midst of an ambitious program for developing products which comply with better environmental qualities.
For 4 years we are fully able to produce the first worlwide Bisphenol A free microcapsules which represent a confirmation of our environmental commitment.
Bisphenol A range 
We developed a microcapsules range without Bisphenol A.
Low formaldehyde
Our standard melamine formaldehyde microcapsules undergo several successive treatments in order to reduce the free-formaldehyde rate. We are proud to offer microcapsule powders with less than 1ppm free formaldehyde rate
Regulatory point Our microcapsules and our range of masterbatch do not contain heavy metals and comply with toy/food contact regulation:
Europe - Resolution AP (89)1 Council of Europe Resolution AP(89)1 et EU Standard EN 71
Germany / Swizerland - IX BfR ; UK - SI 1275
Japan – JHPA (9TH revision, March 1989), JHOSPA (1995 edition, Part 2)
USA – (FDA) 21 Part 177 et ASTM F 963-92
Our main
We developed a specific powder drying process, which guarantees an absence of clusters and an exceptional fluidity. That allows a facilitated integration of our powders in mediums (inks type).
1 micron
We produce 1 micron microcapsules size. When integrated in OFFSET inks, they offer colourings higher than standard thermochromic offset inks.