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Welcome in our Company !
Our current worldwide fast expansion is the recognition of our efforts to better understand the needs of our customers, supply them within a very short lead-time with “customized” solutions, and perhaps mainly anticipate the evolution of health regulations.
Moved by the growing concern about environment, Gem'innov focuses on making its contribution.
As an example of our view of the future, may I emphasize proudly on our latest worldwide innovation ?
We currently deliver now the first “Bisphenol A free” thermochromic microcapsules. This is the result of more than 2 years of advanced research, and is now a growing request of the Market .

Thanks again to all of our current Customers!
Our commitment is to provide customized products, quality and service to our clients. Our laboratory, the heart of our company, focuses its activities on three domains:
  • The development of customized new products
  • The process management and quality control
  • The technical assistance to our customers
We developed a customized Live Colors microcapsules range. They are pigments used in thermochromic inks, paints, varnishes and plastics... The thermochromic microcapsules are of use in a variety of fields. Our technology can be used to ensure that wine is at its optimal temperature, to ensure bank notes are authentic, and these are just a couple of examples of the technology applications we offer at Gem'innov.
We now provide a large number of Agents and Distributors on a Worldwide scale. Please feel free to contact the closest one, and we commit to take full care of you !