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GEM'INNOV is the leader in "customized" microcapsules production: thermochromics, photochromics and scented.
Our activity includes: Production and distribution of coloured specialty products, research & development and technical assistance to our clients.
Our specifically technological-oriented activity is recognised and supported at the E.C. level (ERDF / DRIRE program). For 3 years, we have recruited the best international specialists in the field of micro-encapsulation of products with changing characteristics according to pressure, temperature and/or light.
OUR TECHNOLOGY: The microencapsulation process:
This process covers all substances in a membrane which then protects them from the outside, effectively guarding them from damaging factors: UV, temperature excess, solvents, oxidation, incompatibility with other materials, etc. Moreover, microencapsulation makes it possible to use a liquid in solid form: The drying process of the microcapsules in aqueous solution allows the incorporation of the internal phase of the products in water-free medium.
GEM'INNOV can micro-encapsulate your own products.
Our equipments' flexibility enables us to supply every company size: GEM'INNOV is equipped with its own R&D Laboratory, a pilot production unit and an industrial production unit.
We benefit from having extensive experience in the industrial domain; we know that industry won't wait! Our manufacturing unit, based in France, guarantees a delivery in the shortest amount of time possible and with the highest level of quality, all over the world.
GEM'INNOV has developed innovative products and applications for its clients for 15 years. We are a company that is oriented towards helping the client and we are proud of the support we offer.
Our experience and technical expertise enables us to provide you with comprehensive technical assistance, thus delivering timely, reliable service to ensure that your projects get completed successfully, economically, and on schedule.