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gem'innov live colors thermochromic customized range
Gem'innov offers a range of thermochromic microcapsules , reacting from coloured to colourless when temperature increases. The colour reappears when temperature decreases. This temperature change occurs in approx. 1,5°C, between -15 to 80°C. See the Live colors range list.
- Photochromic microcapsules
Gem'innov offers a range of microcapsules , reacting from colourless to coloured when exposed to UV or sunlight.
We offer a large range of over 20 colours depending on the wavelength you want for your application.
gem'innov perfumed microcapsules
Gem'innov offers a range of perfume, aroma, and odour microcapsules. They can be incorporated into plastics or varnishes then printed. Our specific microcapsules allow long lasting effect: the fragrances are released gradually by diffusion through the capsule wall.
We can realized micro-encapsulation of perfume and active principles (anti-bacterial, anti-odour, ...).
Lemon, strawberry, pine, eucalyptus, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, water melon, "new car", "herbs etc...choose your fragrance!
We can also realize customized microcapsules from your own perfume, thanks to our proximity and our partnership with the best perfume makers of Grasse, the word's capital of perfume.


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