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LIVE COLORS Microcapsules range:
They are thermochromic reversible leucodye microcapsules range, highly sensitive and accurate.
The microcapsules size is ranging from 5 to 10µm. The capsule-wall polymer and its solidness are customized, depending on the media and the final application. This process can be controlled at will (reaction criterion, temperature hysteresis, temperature threshold, reversibility or non-reversibility, colour intensity, etc.).
Colour change can be set at any temperature between -15°C to 80°C
Thermochromic microcapsules range, reacting from coloured to colourless when temperature increases. The colour reappears when temperature decreases. Microcapsules color change is reversible and can be repeated almost indefinitely.
The sensitivity of colour change is within 1 or 2°C. This parameter is adjustable. When temperature increases to a specific temperature, the colour start fading to colourless or to another colour.
For example, it is possible to hide a picture by a dark printed thermochromic ink: picture appears when temperature rises.
Standard colours: black, blue, dark blue, magenta, green,
Other colours : red, orange, sky-blue, purple, teal, yellow, pink, specific combination…
The microcapsules can be combined with traditional colourings.
Actual colours will vary depending on art work, printing process, pressmen, and the substrate being printed on. You MUST do a trial for your individual project to get an accurate idea of what kind of colour intensity you will achieve.
POWDER: Microcapsules in powder for anhydrous media.
SLURRY: Aqueous emulsions (standard 50% or concentrated 65%) for water-based binders.
MASTERBATCH: Thermochromic pigments concentrated in universal plastic pellets for injection or extrusion.
INKS: Silk-screen inks (UV or water-based), flexo, gravure, offset, over print varnishes…


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