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Customized microencapsulation design:
Gem'innov produces industrial microcapsules: We are able to encapsulate various pigments type (fluorescent, fragrances, essential oils, pigments, fuel tracers, chemical additives..) in quantities from 1kg to several tons. UV and oxygen increased protection.
Product availability is in water based emulsion or dry powder form
gem'innov Live colors microcapsules 
R&D: Innovative products development
You are dreaming of a new product? Let our chemists, printing and industrial specialists make your dreams come true. Gem'Innov is your "customized make to order” supplier: We make a point of coming up with the industrial solution that suits your organisation. Through a complete service approach: we listen, research, develop and manufacture a product specific to your unique needs.
 gem'innov innovative products development
Technical support
Just as we believe in delivering the best for our customers, we also believe in being the best at the services we provide.
 gem'innov technical support