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As an example, our clients have taken to our technological know-how in the following fields:
  • Innovative packaging for all your products and events. Bet on thermochromic or/and scented packaging with our microcapsules: the added value will be at its climax.
  • Example: Smell the drink by rubbing the can as a glimpse of what's inside.
  • Colour changing fabrics reacting to sun light or to specific temperature change.
  • Example: Pyjamas for Baby indicating temperature increase such as fever : We are proud to have been choosen by Babyglow as its sole supplier for thermochromic technology.
  • Fabrics incorporating scent or active principles thanks to encapsulated essential oils. It withstands several cleaning cycles and still release pure fragrance.
  • Examples: Anti-odors socks, scented shirt...
  • Thermochromic paints for various projects.
Ideal consumption temperature indicator:
  • Beer, wine cans & bottle, cold/hot beverages, food packaging...
  • Cold chain of blood & vaccines, cable hazard indicator, ice road marking...
  • Baby bath thermometer, Depilatory wax spatula with an indication of the ideal temperature, in order to avoid accidental burns.
  • UV-Patch indicating over-exposure to the sun.
  • Sterilization indicator, overheating or freezing indicator, irreversible indicator for industrial process control...
Cold chain control:
  • "MEMOTHERM": Cold chain monitoring label for heat sensitive products at your desired temperature range. 
  • Examples: vaccines and other medical products, food...
Product promotion:
  • Promotional items, advertising, labels, packaging, promotional coffee mugs, paper or plastic cups & glassware...
  • Security documents, money, cheque service, lottery tickets, anti-counterfeit devices for branded goods...
Plastic & toys industry:
  • Plastic cups, baby spoons, gadgets, kitchen appliances, ice scream spoons, drink stirrers...
  • Packaging of perfumes, cosmetics...
  • Examples: Packaging which smell the fragrance by the sole hand rubbing...