GEM'INNOV is the leader in "customized" thermochromic, photochromic and scented microcapsules production.
Gem'innov is at the same time:
  • PRODUCER of thermochromic, photochromic microcapsules and coatings, such as printing inks, paints, varnishes and plastics.
  • INNOVATIVE COMPANY which develops micro-encapsulated new products.
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT for a successful incorporation of our pigments into your coatings and/or for finding the best printing solutions for your needs.

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- Customized microencapsulation design
- R&D: Innovative products development
-Technical support
- Secrecy



A focus on some applications of GEMINNOV products
- Iceing conditions road marking application in partnership with Eurovia (Vinci Group)
- Changing color clothes
- Innovative packaging
- Thermochromic label


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